Thursday, 26 April 2018

3 most important things to know before purchasing poultry birds (essentials)

meant by poultry birds? Some people don't even know what it entails. After purchasing them they won't care for them as it should be. Well I think this article should be helpful.
 Before purchasing them the following things should be taken into consideration

1. A well prepared location ( even if the birds are not more than three). It should be well prepared in the sense that it should be germs free, protected against adverse weather conditions especially a day-old-chick.

2. Enough feeds and other essential materials : it has been realised that people like giving their birds rotten cooked foods rather than buying their feeds which has been causing skit of setback cause is not good for them.

3. Changing their water regularly: 
     once in a day in order to prevent the growth of micro organisms which can lead to various infections.
 After this u can purchase your poultry birds.